History of CrossView Church

 In 1866 First Reformed Church of Fulton was organized.  50 years later several members of First Reformed Church petitioned the consistory (Elders and Deacons) to offer worship in English as well as Dutch.  When that petition was denied, with First Reformed’s blessing, those members left First and planted another church in town that would intentionally worship in English.

 Second Reformed Church was organized on January 11th, 1916.  Second has 104 years of history, guided by the founding impulse to be a church that is faithful to the Word of God and accessible to the community.  Over the years the church has come to be known in the community for her ministry to children and youth.

 On August 18th, 2020, consistory voted to retain the legal name, Second Reformed Church, but to do business under a new name - CrossView Church.  The name is fitting as the church is identified with the large cross that rests on top of the building, lighting up the night sky.  More importantly, our hope as believers rests in what Jesus accomplished upon the cross and through the empty tomb. 

On October 18, 2022, CrossView Church became affiliated with the Alliance of Reformed Churches.